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Vegetarian dinner

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Calling all AALL vegetarians/vegans!


We (Stefanie Pearlman and Pam Brannon) are currently taking suggestions for this year's vegetarian dinner/meetup. We're thinking about having an early dinner before the Alphabet Soup reception and Opening Event. Please make suggestions (such as a possible location) in the comments, and let us know if you're coming!FB:: Kata Kata Gombal :: Kata Mutiara Islam :: Ramalan Zodiak Hari Ini ::ZODIAK HARI INI :: Nikita Mirzani :: Cerpen Cinta :: Cerpen Sedih :: Cerpen Remaja :: Cerpen Romantis :: Cherry Belle :: SNSD :: :: Super Junior :: Naskah Drama :: Cerita Lucu :: Galau :: Puisi Galau :: Puisi Cinta Romantis :: Cerpen Persahabatan :: Cerpen Sahabat Sejati :: Bengkalis :: Cerpen Cinta Pertama :: Cerpen Cinta Sedih :: Cerpen cinta :: SMS Cinta Cerpen Cinta Remaja:: Pantun Cinta Romantis :: SMS Lucu :: Kata Kata Lucu :: Kata Kata Indah :: Kata Mutiara Persahabatan :: Ucapan Selamat Tidur :: Ucapan Selamat Pagi :: Pantun Lucu :: Kata Kata Gombal :: Kata Kata Motivasi



Pam Brannon

Stefanie Pearlman

Stephanie Davidson +1

Kerry Skinner

Brian Huffman

Meg Butler

Melissa Serfass

John Doyle (and wife, Mary)

June Stewart

Matt Novak

Lucinda Valero

Katie Brown

Jim Voelker

Comments (13)

stephanie said

at 10:30 pm on Mar 5, 2009

Science Club DC?

spearlman2@... said

at 11:38 am on Mar 9, 2009

That looks good, Stephanie! It looks like it is a mile or so away, which is much closer than last year's selection. The Web site says that it opens at 5pm.

Brian R. Huffman said

at 8:42 am on Mar 24, 2009

I am glad to find a group of vegetarians - count me in!

Kerry Skinner said

at 7:52 pm on May 6, 2009

I'm totally unfamiliar with the area so anywhere works for me. Thanks for putting this together!

Lucinda Valero said

at 12:49 pm on Jun 4, 2009

I am planning to come as long as my flight is on time! :-) The Science Club menu looks good to me.

Brian R. Huffman said

at 12:00 pm on Jun 10, 2009

So when are we doing this? Sometime between 4 and 7 pm on Sat? Is the Science Club walkable from the convention?

spearlman2@... said

at 9:41 am on Jun 23, 2009

The plan is to meet around 5pm on Saturday. I think the Science Club is about a mile away, so it depends on your comfort level walking in DC weather. We hope to be done in time so that those who are interested in the alphabet soup reception can attend it.

spearlman2@... said

at 8:20 am on Jul 15, 2009

Hi everyone...bad news. Science Club DC doesn't serve food until 8pm on Saturdays. They were willing to open it for us at 7:30, but that's not going to give us enough time to get to other events. So, any other suggestions? I'll also try to look around and will post later if I find something.

Pam Brannon said

at 10:08 am on Jul 15, 2009

There are a lot of options within walking distance of the convention center here:

Although it's not completely vegetarian, I'm pretty interested in trying out Zaytinya - particularly because the chef is going to be on the next season of Top Chef!

spearlman2@... said

at 11:31 am on Jul 15, 2009


I have a call in to Vegetate to see if they can handle a group of our size (but from their web site, it doesn't look promising). Could you contact Zaytinya? It looks like we'll have 14 people.

spearlman2@... said

at 8:15 am on Jul 22, 2009

We are good to go at Vegetate (located at 1414 9th Street, NW). We will meet at 5pm on Saturday. I look forward to seeing you all there! The reservation is under my name.


Jim Voelker said

at 3:52 pm on Jul 24, 2009

I hope you can squeeze me in.

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