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Conference Tips

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Are you a seasoned AALL veteran?  Share your tips and tricks to sucessful conference attendance here!


  1. Wear comfortable shoes.
  2. Forget about trying to see everything.
  3. Coordinate your schedule with your co-workers. There is rarely a need for four of you to attend the same program.
  4. Plan at least one or two things to see in the host city outside of the conference.
  5. Participate in the service projects. Not only will you feel good about helping, but you'll also get to know both the area you're visiting and other association members.
  6. Go to at least one program session related to the host city/region or outside your usual field.  Also, don't feel obligated to go to EVERY session EVERY day. Conference events often last from dawn till late in the evening, and it's good to get some down time.
  7. Do something social with friends and colleagues.  Skip a program if you have to...:-)  Programs come and go, but the friendships and connections you make at AALL annual meetings last forever.  Karaoke with the CS-SIS folks is fun!
  8. Be sure to visit the exhibit hall.  Even if you don't have the authority (or budget) to buy new stuff, take advantage of the chance to see what's out there. 
  9. Don't worry too much about what to wear.  You'll see some people in suits every day and others dressed very casually.  When in doubt, business casual (however you define it).
  10. If you tend to get cold, bring an extra sweater, shawl, or jacket to carry around, because inevitably it will be freezing session rooms or the exhibit hall.
  11. Are you a laptop user?  Bring an extension cord and multi-outlet surge protector.  You'll open up your seating options and make some friends.varennes.jpg


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